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Does The Elliptical Machine Burns Belly Fat?

We all are aware of the word Elliptical, The question pops up in our mind whether using elliptical would help us to burn belly fat or lose weight?

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YES, Elliptical Machine would help you to burn belly fat.

Tendency to put weight is much easy then to lose it.

If we look around, a number of people walk early morning in the park, the majority of them go to the gym or move their muscles in different manners when they wake up from bed.

Doing exercise daily will make you remain fit mentally and physically. You may go to the gym or lose weight by staying at home.

Using Elliptical Will Burns Your Belly Fat

Belly fat takes time to burn, many of you strive hard to burn it as soon as possible.

using the elliptical in the right way will help you to lose weight and burn your belly fat.

If you never stepped on one, using it might be daunting. first, figure out where to put your hands and feet and most importantly how to use it.

elliptical is a low-impact exercise machine, which means it provides you an intense workout without putting pressure on the joints.

This feature has made the elliptical essential for elderly people to lose weight and those whose joints have been damaged due to obesity.

The elliptical is an exercise for both the upper and lower body. When you move both halves of the body, more muscles are working, which means more calories are burned, including those which are responsible for belly fat.

The elliptical machine allows you to increase the incline, stride, and resistance. Increase any of these three things or the intensity of your workout will increase with them.

Many trainers suggest using an elliptical for 30 minutes every second day. If you get aspiration, however, try upping that to a full hour or increasing the frequency of your workouts to 30 minutes every day.

Increase Your Workout Intensity Gradually

Once you feel comfortable on the machine, start to increase the intensity of your workout.

The faster you will pedal, the more you’ll burn that belly fat. You can also increase the resistance according to the challenge. The harder you will move your leg muscles, the more calories you’ll burn.

intensity is also important when it comes to burning belly fat. If you are doing an easy workout, you’re not going to make much progress or you might not get the result.

You should Gradually increase the intensity of your elliptical, while doing a workout, you should be sweating, breathing hard, and not able to speak easily.

One best way to up your intensity is to do interval training. Carry out the sections as per your stamina, with our omitting a day will end your day by burning the number of calories.

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Besides all this one should know why he or she is gaining weight or increasing belly fat. Because treating the cause is the only solution.

we have disccus some major causes.

What Causes Belly Fat?

An expanding waistline makes it hard to zip up your jeans. you might don’t look good in those short shirts.

You may gain abdominal fat ”CENTRAL OBESITY” in your midsection or old age. for women, it usually occurs after menopause.

Research shows that belly fat would lead to having serious health problems.

There are number of factors which lead you to gain belly fat.

High Sugar Intake

Eating a lot of sugar contain mainly fructose, it found in various sweets, soda, ice cream, flavored coffee, and the list goes on.

Mainly fructose converted into glucose in our body, then our cell uses this glucose as a source of energy. Having a genetic problem, your body may not be able to convert the fructose into glucose or you might be eating a lot.

Some people are not able to absorb all the fructose, called malabsorption. This condition is characterized by excess gas and digestive discomfort.

When people eat a meal full of calories and high in fructose the liver gets overloaded and starts converting fructose into fat.

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Having a lot of fat will impair the blood lipids level, it will increase VLDL (bad cholesterol that deposits fat in your body). A high level of VLDL and low level of HDL will lead to despite fat in your body despite removing it.

This fat usually deposits in our body leads to major health problems such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, myopathy, diabetes, and many more.

You may not aware of the fact that a high level of fructose will make your cell insulin resistant. The rule of thumb, high level of free fatty acid make insulin resistance.

The reason is so clear, free fat promotes inflammation which will destroy B cell of the pancreas,(make insulin) leads to a low level of insulin and you will end up having low energy levels because your cell can not take the glucose as a source of energy.

This process wil lead to have major world health problem call BIBATIES.

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we all are aware about the fact that, anytrhing which is taken excess become posion.

If we particularly talk about alcohol, consuming it too much is a risk factor for gaining weight and obesity.

Medical evidence from metabolic studies showed alcohol suppresses lipid oxidation that enhances a positive fat balance. The nonoxidized fat is preferentially deposited in the abdominal area. 

Too much alcohol, you will have hypoglycemia. Low-level of sugar, your body will start breaking down lipids or fat into ketones body.

20 to 45 percent of fructose converted to glucose by the liver, the damaged liver won’t be bael to do that and you will have a high level of fructose that will convert into fat, as mention above and this fat will mainly be deposited on your belly.

A part of Acetyl-COA that is converted to ketones body, some of it deposited ob liver and convert to fatty acid, the liver can’t excrete all the fatty acid. The person will develop fatty liver changes.

Being Inactive

A sendentry life style is one of the major cause of poor health .

Eating too many calories despite consuming it, will increase central obesity.

A number of researches show that people who spend their time in front of a screen or do their chores by sitting, their body won’t able to use all energy and they end up being obese.


Gaining belly fat during menopause is so common. Might be one of the major problems for women being fat.

The word Menopause means stoping of menstruration cycle.

During this time the estrogen level drops, the low level causes fat to deposit in the abdomen rather than in the hips and thigh.

This hormone help to regulate the metobalisam and body weight.

Estrogen regulates glucose and lipid metabolism, a low level of estrogen will cause disbalance between these two things and this will lead you to gain weight due to fat deposition.

The list goes on, poor diet, low protein intake, menopause, increasing age, and many more would increase your body mass.

We have disccus the causes of central obesity or you may call it belly fat.

Now the question arises What will be the cure?

Using an Elliptical as I have mentioned above would be the better solution, so buying it for your home or joining the gym will help you to lose your weight more quickly.

There are other ways as well, but the major two are, either improve your lifestyle or take anti-obesity drugs.

The majority of the doctors won’t prefer the drugs until unless you come up with some major complications. They will always advise you to improve your lifestyle.

And, I think this is the better solution because eating healthy food and doing workout daily would help you to lose weight in a more appropriate way.

The major solution is to improve your lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet, taking a lot of protein, low intake of junk food, Early morning breakfast, taking beauty sleep, and much more.

Despite all these doing exercise daily will help you a lot to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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