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Benefits of Elliptical Machine for Knees:

Elliptical exercise machine trainers are quite beneficial for bad knees and joints.

They have quite a low impact on joints especially knees and ankles. It is proven by studies that low impact cardio exercises like elliptical exercise machine trainers increase the blood flow to the knees and cartilage and strengthen the knee muscles.

There are several reasons that make elliptical machine trainers could be the best machine for your bad knees.

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Things you Need to be Careful about when Using an elliptical machine for Knee Workout:

You need to get a few things checked before hopping onto the elliptical machine, just because you heard that elliptical machines are good for knees. The points you need to make sure as follow;

  • Warm-up.
  • Wear the right footwear.
  • Check your posture.
  • Use handlebars.
  • Start slow and listen to your body.

Elliptical Workout for Knee Pain:

If you have sore knees, the elliptical machine is one of the best options for you to stay in shape. But you need to consult your doctor before just jumping on any workout equipment including elliptical machines.

In beginning, you should use one of the lowest resistance levels and do workout on elliptical for 5 minutes only for the first week. Increase your workout by 5 minutes the following week. And keep increasing the time until you hit 20 minutes of workout on daily basis keeping the resistance level lowest.

If you find yourself comfortable while doing this exercise on an elliptical machine for knees, then increase the resistance level a little.

The key to avoiding any pain during any workout is to use the right technique; keep your back straight, feet planted on the pedals, and head looking forward. Plus, if you ever find feel any kind of a pain in your knees, stop right away and consult a doctor.

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Low-Impact Exercise Equipment:

The elliptical machine for knees proves to be a low impact exercise. Naturally, if you run, jog, or walk your one foot comes off the ground while the other foot sticks to the ground absorbing all the weight of the body. And when doing an elliptical exercise both the feet remain in contact with the surface.

The body gets a little jolt while doing these other exercises where the exercise on the elliptical machine for knees is quite a comfortable option. As there is less stress on the knees.

“The nice fluid motion of the elliptical reduces stress on hips and knees,” says Iverson.

Keeps Your Knee Muscles Strong:

Elliptical machines for knees is a good option. As, it helps strengthen your hamstring, quads, and ankles which together leads to a healthy knee. The elliptical workout also increases the blood flow around the knees. The elliptical motion prevents one from twisting his/her joints as both the feet are pressing into the pedal with all the energy in the body. It improves your mobility and alignment of the body. It also helps regain the balance of the body if lost.

Studies show that low impact cardio workout such as elliptical workouts increase the blood flow to knee cartilage and strengthen the muscles around the knees, that leads to a healthy knee.

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Elliptical Benefits for Sore Knees:

An elliptical machine provides a less stressful way for people with bad knees. Mostly an elliptical machine comes with handlebars or poles, which helps you stabilize your position and maintain your balance, not to fall on the ground and get injured.

A person with bad knees is suggested to do a cardio workout more and more to make the blood flow going in the body especially around the knee cartilage and strengthen the knee. This prevents inflammation and other pains common to arthritis patients. People with bad knees are instructed not to slow down their physical activities or get lazy.

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The Ideal Way of Using an Elliptical Machine:

Elliptical machines for knees is quite a good option but you need to make sure that you are using it the right way.

When using an elliptical your natural gait of walking changes and affects your muscle movement.

As you typically need to swing your legs in forwarding or backward motion just like when you run or walk. But the case is not the same with the elliptical machine as both the feet are firmly pressed against the surface of the footplates. 

If you are not in the right posture for the exercise and you do it in the wrong posture, you can strain your knees before you even get started in real means. Make sure that the equipment is aligned according to your size, height, and movements.

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Elliptical Machine in the Light of Science:

Back in 2008 in the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, a study was conducted among 13 individuals suffering from knee pain to see if elliptical machines are good for knees, whether they help improve the symptoms. The results showed less pain and improved lower limb function. Hence proved, that in some cases this machine has a beneficial effect for knee pain sufferers.

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Proper Diagnose is Important:

Knee injuries and conditions are different from one another, the use of an elliptical machine might not work the same for some patients. The right way to determine if the elliptical machine is for knees(your knees) or not is to consult a doctor, get a proper diagnosis from your doctor. Your doctor may guide you that which exercise is good for you and which is not, so you can improve your condition rather than worsen it. If your doctors allow you to use an elliptical machine despite your bad knees. You will need to find the right equipment according to your requirements based on your doctor’s recommendation.

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According to the American council of exercise elliptical machines have grown in popularity than any other cardiovascular piece of equipment. Despite their so many benefits your exercise routine elliptical trainer is not the right choice in every case. It may not be beneficial. If you suffer from patellar tendonitis, consult your doctor before considering an elliptical machine for workout because it may not be good for your knees.

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